Hydraulic cement tiles, emerging in the middle of the 19th century and popular in the 20th century, are artisanal tiles for walls and floors. Architects and designers rediscovered the gentle touch of the traditional tile a few years ago and retrieved it. Because of its versatility, durability, and design, a cement tile is ideal for both urban and country houses, public spaces, bars and pubs, commercial spaces, museums, hotels, etc.

Demosaica’s colour palette is rich and based upon years of experience. The current colour trends are striking tonality, nude tones, blue and green, and shades of white, beige, or deep and dark tones. This is all meant for a client to have the opportunity to design a unique floor with the trendiest tones and designs. Last but not least, a client has the opportunity to order a custom-made design!

As the cement tiles are handmade, there might be slight differences in colour.

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